Merchandising services

Well-thought product placement and a professional approach are crucial for achieving excellent sales results. By strategically positioning products and ensuring desirable visibility, we can help you effectively capture customer attention and drive conversions. With careful planning and a professional approach, we optimize store layouts, shelf arrangements, and promotional displays, maximizing the chances of attracting and retaining customers for increased sales success.


Our dedicated sales team is at the forefront of our operations, responsible for selecting the correct product placement and acting as the first point of contact for our valued clients. With their expertise and market knowledge, they meticulously analyze consumer behavior and industry trends to strategically position our products for maximum visibility and impact. Their professional approach ensures that our clients receive exceptional service, tailored solutions, and timely assistance. From understanding client needs to providing valuable insights, our sales team plays a pivotal role in driving customer satisfaction and achieving outstanding sales results..


Our services include regular customer visits throughout Latvia, strategic product placement in shops, trade point design, effective sales equipment utilization, captivating advertising design, and meticulous stock and OOS control. We are committed to delivering exceptional support and exceeding client expectations.


Our commitment to excellent customer service extends to the frequency of our store visits, ranging from a minimum of two visits per week to daily visits in exceptional circumstances. Our merchandisers undergo rigorous training based on supplier standards to ensure consistency and adherence to best practices. To meet the growing demand for our products, our team employs professional methods and strategies that enhance product visibility and attract customer attention. Additionally, our partners receive comprehensive merchandising reports on a daily basis, keeping them informed about the performance and progress of their products. We strive to provide our partners with unparalleled support and insights for their continued success.